Sleek yet Functional Upgrade For SPAX PowerLag Fasteners

SPAX Powerlag Fastener Packaging Gets a Sleek yet Functional Upgrade

As Altenloh, Brinck & Co. expanded their products into more retail locations, the company found its production team challenged by a large inventory and complicated production process due to unique packaging specific to each customer. Previously, inventory included cartons of varying sizes and colors. Each carton was assembled at point of use and then labeled per SKU. To simplify production and reduce inventory, Altenloh, Brinck & Co. needed a new packaging solution that would work across multiple retailers.

The design of the packing solution needed to support easy hand filling to increase production efficiency. The solution also needed to simplify package labeling while clearly indicating part number, specifications and color coding. Additionally, the box needed to be strong enough to stand up for retail distribution while keeping the fasteners securely enclosed.

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