The Tomato Stall Replaces Plastic Tomato Packaging with Paperboard

The Tomato Stall ProducePack The Tomato Stall Introduces First-to-sector Fiber-based Tomato Pack, Eliminating Plastic Flow-wrap from Multiple Tomato Varieties

Isle of Wight, UK based tomato producer, The Tomato Stall, is a forward-thinking brand with a modern ethos around sustainable tomato production. Utilizing a completely biodegradable growing system, the company composts plant waste to enrich its soil for future crops and uses natural predators to control pests. Such is the brand’s affinity with nature, pollination is carried out by a team of bumblebees. To complement its natural ethos, The Tomato Stall required a sustainable, fiber-based packaging solution to eliminate plastic flow wrap on specific ranges while reducing flow-wrap usage overall. The Tomato Stall partnered with Graphic Packaging International (Graphic Packaging) to support its transition to eliminating flow-wrap on its cherry, tiger and beef tomato ranges, while significantly reducing the amount of plastic in its packaging portfolio.

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