Graphic Packaging International Makes Strategic Investment in PaperSeal™ Machine in U.S. to Service Local Demand

September 21, 2022

G. Mondini Trave 350

Graphic Packaging International (‘Graphic Packaging’) has announced an investment in a G. Mondini Trave 350 tray sealer to increase availability of its PaperSeal™ range of fiber-based trays in the U.S. and Canada.

Developed in partnership with G. Mondini, the world leader in tray sealing technology, the PaperSeal tray is an ideal packaging solution for businesses choosing a more sustainable way to package fresh and processed meat, chilled and frozen meals, cheese, snacks, salad and prepared fruit.

Comprised of a recyclable paperboard tray with a removable liner, PaperSeal delivers performance and shelf-life equivalent to traditional trays while reducing plastic by up to 90%.

The Trave 350 machine, distributed by Harpak-ULMA Packaging in North America, has been installed at Graphic Packaging’s Colorado research and development site. In addition to efficiently manufacturing large production volumes, the machine delivers the capability to produce smaller quantities for market testing using an innovative flexible forming tool. This provides customers with the invaluable opportunity to test PaperSeal through their supply chains and into store without an upfront production tool investment.

The move is welcomed by Jeff Voyzey, director, business development at Graphic Packaging, who said, “We see PaperSeal as an increasingly relevant packaging solution for customers looking to reduce their reliance on plastic for their fresh, frozen and processed food applications. We appreciate that sustainable packaging is more important than ever to consumers, with 40% of global consumers claiming their buying habits are positively influenced by it*.”

“The installation of this machine boosts our capacity to serve the North American market. As consumer preferences continue to shift towards more sustainable packaging solutions, we see increased demand for the PaperSeal packaging solution.”

“The Trave 350 is an impressively efficient machinery solution. It will help us produce PaperSeal trays for a variety of applications, including modified atmosphere, vacuum skin and dual-ovenable packaging formats.”

*Innova Market Insights Packaging Survey 2022