Our Shared Purpose: Graphic Packaging Launches Aspiration for a Renewable Future

November 2, 2023

We’re proud to unveil our commitment to our planet and all the people we serve. This shared purpose stems from our operational core and spans to the widest reach of our network. It encompasses our aspiration for a better world:

We package life’s everyday moments for a renewable future.

Our roots in packaging run deep, strengthened by more than a century of service from thousands of employees around the world. We’ve grown into a leading global provider of sustainable consumer packaging for your favorite foods, beverages and essentials.

We recognize the responsibility that comes with that position. It’s why we are committed to becoming better, every day.

Packaging matters in the big picture

So, how does this purpose show up in your life? It’s in your hands every day.

Our purpose is packaged in a paper cup of steamy cocoa on a wintry sidewalk. A box of fresh fruit and vegetables for a homecooked meal with family. A tasty delight on the go, from a quick-serve restaurant. A beauty product wrapped with love for someone special. A festive barbeque, where you share a carton of your favorite drink with friends.

Across the globe, these moments happen every day. We’re honored to play a role in them, providing packaging for the world’s leading household brands. This drives us to continuously raise the bar on how we run our business.

It starts with our materials. Our packaging is made with one of nature’s renewable resources — tree fiber from sustainably managed forests – as well as recycled content. We design our packaging to be recycled again. Studies show paper-based packaging can be given new life, up to seven times, creating even more memories to come.*

Our purpose is about YOU

Our purpose drives every decision we make, from the boardroom to the factory floor. But it also describes our promise to you – our employees, customers, suppliers, neighbors – and your friends and families.

None of this would be possible without millions of consumers who enjoy – and recycle – our products every single day. We’re grateful to play a small part in your life with our packaging.

And we hope to make our impact bigger and better over time.

We’re investing in cutting-edge technologies and fiber-based materials development. We’re applying our creativity to design packaging that meets your modern life the way you like to live it – with a focus on quality and convenience. And we’re dedicated to ensuring you have peace of mind that you are nurturing a more sustainable world.

Whether you’re a longtime member of the Graphic Packaging community or just learning about our global ambition, we invite you to watch our Purpose video.

Take a moment to reflect on the impact that your everyday moments – and choices – have on this Earth.

Join us in building a renewable future.

*Handbook for Pulp and Paper Technologies, Fourth Edition, Chapter 14, 2016