Graphic Packaging International Wins Best Packaging of a New Product at UK Packaging Awards 2021

Graphic Packaging is celebrating its success at the UK Packaging Awards, winning the Best Packaging of a New Product award for its Mergulo plant-based butter carton.

This fiber-based, recyclable alternative to plastic butter packs reflects Mergulo’s natural, sustainable ethos. Constructed from polyethylene-free, grease resistant board, the carton features a unique hinged lid, friction closure and pull-down front. Using a fit-for-purpose board to prevent staining due to the product’s high fat content, Graphic Packaging ensured that the Mergulo brand not only built trust with its consumers, but also enabled optimum shelf presence and convenience too.

Plant-based food is one of the UK’s fastest-growing sectors, with sales of meat-free foods expected to be in excess of £1.1 billion by 20241. To remain competitive against plastic butter packs in terms of sustainability, the Mergulo carton is recyclable through normal waste collection systems.

The UK Packaging Awards shines a spotlight on Graphic Packaging’s ongoing commitment to supporting its customers in their transition to fiber-based alternatives to plastic packaging.

Speaking from the esteemed ceremony at The Brewery, London, Mark Briggs, UK sales director, consumer packaging, said:

“Graphic Packaging and Mergulo collaborated virtually under challenging circumstances to develop this premium yet sustainable pack, therefore we are especially pleased to have won this award.

“Through innovative design and extensive testing, we have been able to reflect elements of the Mergulo brand’s environmental mission, such as reduced plastic content versus standard butter packaging and the absence of metallic foil. As a result, the packaging is widely recyclable within the paper stream in the UK according to On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) guidelines.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank our talented, dedicated team who work tirelessly towards the creation of 100 percent recyclable solutions.”

This latest award is another exciting accolade for Graphic Packaging’s solution for start-up brand Mergulo. The butter carton scooped up the Food & Drink Packaging, Virgin Fiber award, at the European Carton Excellence Awards earlier this year.