Coca-Cola Triumph at German Packaging Award 2020 with KeelClip™

KeelClip™, an innovative packaging technology utilized by Coca-Cola as part of its move to replace plastic packaging on its multi-pack cans, has triumphed in the design and finishing category of the German Packaging Award 2020.

The solution, supplied by market leader in paper-based packaging solutions, Graphic Packaging International (“Graphic Packaging”), was recognized for its ‘Driving the Circular Economy – Accelerating Towards a World Without Waste’ entry in the prestigious awards, organized by the German Packaging Institute (DVI).

By switching to solutions such as KeelClip, CCEP has made progress on its “Action on Packaging”- strategy, which includes the aim to remove all unnecessary or hard-to-recycle plastics from its packaging portfolio.KeelClip solution for Coca-Cola

Ralf Peters, vice president procurement, for Coca-Cola European Partners , said: “Innovation is a critical part of finding the most sustainable ways of delivering our drinks to consumers and we’re delighted that the KeelClip solution was recognized in this award. Innovative solutions such as KeelClip will help us to achieve our goal of moving from shrink to board for our multipack cans.”

The KeelClip solution is the first of its kind to work on all can sizes, diameters and multipack configurations (up to a 10 pack), making the solution easily scalable for brand owners with large range offerings to pack.

The innovative design features a central ‘keel’ for enhanced stabilization and the large surface area covering the can tops offers up enhanced branding opportunities, while addressing consumer hygiene concerns.

Steve Gould, new product development and marketing director of the beverage division at Graphic Packaging, added: “Taken at face value, KeelClip is a breakthrough innovation as it provides a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging. However, KeelClip’s potential is truly unleashed when you factor in its scalability and ability to meet the speed and efficiency demands of today’s fastest filling lines on all can sizes and configurations. This is a huge advantage for brands looking for a consistent, one-stop solution to meet sustainability requirements, while focusing on brand premiumization, now and over the coming years.”

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