Triple Win for Fiber-Based Packaging Innovations at the 2023 DIELINE Awards

Dieline Award Winners 2023In the DIELINE Awards, big ideas intersect with influential design, and impressive innovation meets design excellence. Judged by an international panel of structural and graphic design, branding, and consumer product experts, for the past 13 years DIELINE Awards have formally recognized the absolute best in packaging design worldwide, bringing awareness to the immense value of well-designed brand packaging. Brand owners, consumers, marketers, agencies, designers, in-house creatives, students, and enthusiasts around the world turn to DIELINE Awards as the industry-wide benchmark of impeccably designed packaging for consumer products. 

Once more, Graphic Packaging is celebrating multiple successes in the DIELINE awards, with accolades received for innovations in the Sustainable Design category. All three awards recognize commercializations that delivered significant steps forward in sustainable packaging. 

Boardio™ for Perfetti Van Melle Mentos Pure Fesh Gum 

The Boardio™ fiber-based solution created for Perfetti Van Melle is the first product in the gum category from a major global confectioner to be delivered to market in a paperboard bottle. Meeting consumer preferences for paperboard over plastic, it replaces the previous 100% rigid plastic container. 

KeelClip™ for Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages mini can six-pack 

Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages is the first partner in the United States to implement the innovative KeelClip™ multipack solution, which allowed the bottler to eliminate plastic rings and shrink film from its secondary packaging portfolio, eliminating 75,000 pounds of plastic packaging per year from the supply chain.  

“Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages is thrilled to be Graphic Packaging’s first partner in the United States to implement this innovative packaging system,” said Paul Mulligan, co-owner of Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages. “We are committed to producing sustainable products across our territories that eliminate waste and develop a circular economy. We know that the most valuable change to reduce plastic waste occurs when bottlers and packaging producers work together in partnership, and we look forward to partnering with Graphic Packaging on this sustainable packaging for years to come.” 

PaperSeal™ for New Season Market Partner Brand fresh pasta 

New Seasons Market is a chain of privately owned grocery stores operating in Portland, Oregon, southwestern Washington, and northern California. Launched for their Partner Brand Fresh Pasta range, the PaperSeal tray reduces plastic by 91 percent compared to the previous plastic clamshell pack and enabled the retailer to eliminate 120,000 plastic packs from entering waste streams each year.   

Available in modified atmosphere, vacuum skin and dual-ovenable packaging formats, PaperSeal is suitable for a wide range of applications including fresh and processed meat, fish and plant-based protein, fresh and processed fruit, salads, pasta, and more.