Cooking Solutions

Cooking solutions including pressed trays, cook-in-trays and proprietary technology for microwaved and oven-cooked foods.

Traditional Susceptor

Traditional Susceptors

Traditional susceptors are an ideal solution for browning and crisping microwaved food products.

Susceptor Cartons

Susceptor cartons are traditional folding cartons that offer high-quality graphics with a custom microwave susceptor pattern built directly into the package.

Dual Ovenable Pizza Tray

Dual Ovenable Pressed Paperboard

Designed for dual-ovenable applications, pressed paperboard trays and bowls provide consumers with an economical, more sustainable alternative to CPET and Polypropylene plastic trays. 

Flexible Susceptors

Flexible Susceptors

Flexible susceptors include MicroFlex-Q™ and QuiltWave™ packaging which are lightweight, printed susceptor films that deliver unmatched browning and crisping performance.