QuikFlex™ 600G3

The QuikFlex™ 600G3 fully enclosed multipack machine is an industry-proven packaging system for multi-diameter/multi-height cans and glass and PET bottles.

This machine features our latest technology for moderate to high-speed requirements on new or existing production lines and can generate 220 packs per minute.

QuikFlex™ 600G3

QuikFlex 600G3 Benefits

Operational Efficiency
  • Heavy-duty, tubular steel frame  
  • Clear visibility and sliding guard doors for easy walk-in access 
  • Fewer parts, adjustments, chains, and drive points; improved accessibility and better carton control from the feeder to the discharge 
  • Our market-proven predictive maintenance program (PMP) helps plan downtime and enables better budgeting 
  • Quick, simple, and repeatable changeovers  
  • IQ tablet provides a changeover checklist and video help for a changeover time of 20-70 minutes 

QuikFlex 600G3 Specifications

Primary Containers and Pack Configurations 
  • Cans, glass and PET bottles 
  • 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 16, 18, 20 & 24* 
    *Range dependent on primary container diameters 


  • 6.25″ pitch | 200ppm sustained | 220ppm Surge 
  • 12.5″ pitch | 150ppm Sustained | 180ppm Surge 


  • 6.25″ pitch | 200ppm sustained | 220ppm surge 
  • 12.5″ pitch |125ppm sustained | 150ppm surge 
Machine Weight
  • Approximately 15,000lbs (6,850kg)

Features and Applications

  • Right- or left-hand carton loading and controls 
  • Auto prime and clean-out features 
  • Walk-in frame 
  • Text fault display 
  • 2.5-meter carton magazine 
  • Ergonomic waist-high carton loading 
  • Market proven segment wheel feeder 
  • High volume air assist carton opening 
  • Wedge metering for smooth product infeed 
  • Powered overhead 
  • Beer 
  • Craft beer 
  • Carbonated soft drinks 
  • Water and sports nutrition 
  • Coffee and tea 
  • Dairy 
  • Spirits and cocktails 
  • Wine 
  • Pet care