QuikFlex™600 G3The QuikFlex™600G3 for fully-enclosed packaging is an industry-proven packaging system for multi-diameter/multi-height cans, bottles and PET.

This machine features our latest technology and innovation for moderate to high-speed requirements on new or existing production lines.

Tite-Pak™, the carton handling system for integrated glass-bottle separation and protection is a value-added option available with this machine.



Robust Construction

Heavy-duty tubular steel frame with corrosion resistant coatings and materials. Clear visibility and sliding guard doors for easy walk-in access.

More Production, Less Maintenance

Fewer parts, adjustments, chains, drive points; simpler timing; improved accessibility and better carton control from the feeder to the discharge.

No Tool Changeover

Quick, simple and repeatable changeovers. IQ Tablet provides changeover checklist and video help for changeover time of 15-30 minutes.


Primary Containers and Pack Configurations
  • Cans, glass bottles, and PET
  • 6,8,9,10,12,15,16,18,20 & 24*
    *Range dependent on primary container diameters
  • Cans:
    • 6.25″ Pitch:  200 ppm Sustained and 220 ppm Surge
    • 12.5″ Pitch:  150 ppm Sustained and 180 ppm Surge
  • Bottles:
    • 6.25″ Pitch:  200 ppm Sustained and 220 ppm Surge
    • 12.5″ Pitch:  125 ppm Sustained and 150 ppm Surge
Machine Dimensions
  • 26’ long, 7’-1” wide, 7’-4” high (7.92m x 2.16m x 2.23m)
  • Weighs approximately 15,000 lbs (6,850 kg)

ReShape Rectangular Standard Pack 18 pack