Robotic Hang Tag Applicator

Robotic hang tag applicators are flexible machines customized to apply neck or hang tags to bottles off-line or in your production line. With the application of custom folded neck/hang tags, you will capture your consumer’s attention.

Product and Size Ranges

• Hang tags: Paper, paperboard and plastic
• Hang tag shapes: Round, rectangular, shaped and cone


Heavy-duty cold rolled painted steel frame or welded stainless steel frame
Two construction grades to match application needs
Clear visibility and easy-access guarding provide access to machine


Machine Features

• Multiple variations to suit application
• AC drive and encoder for timing screws for multiple bottle control
• Casters for mobility and adjustable foot pads
• Product positioning: Timing screw
• HMI station
• Drives, vacuum generators, and bearings that have been proven to be long lasting.


• Up to 150 tags per minute with multiple pick heads

Product Configuration

• Hang tags: Paper, paperboard, plastic.
• Hang tag shapes: Round, rectangular, shaped, and cone.
• Single source of machine and hang tags

Machine Models

• Custom to suit application – GP8, 12

Electrical and Air Requirements

• Control Voltage: 24 VDC
• Supply Voltage: 220 or 480 VAC
• CFM dependent on vacuum system specified
• 80 psi clean/dry air supply required (equivalent to class 3 or better)

Hang tag placed with robotics