Variety Pack Robotic Infeed Machine

The variety pack robotic infeed machine is a flexible, high-speed, automated depalletizing system designed to stage up to six flavors of beverage cans from loose-filled trays and transfer the cans for multipacking. 

Finishes, enhancements, and other capabilities include heavy-duty sub-frame for mounting conveyors and robots.

Variety Pack Robotic Infeed Machine

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Variety Pack Robotic Infeed Machine Benefits

Operational Efficiency Benefits
Operational Efficiency
  • Designed to be operated with minimal operator input 
Brand and Marketing Benefits
Brand and Marketing
  • Provides brands with equipment to produce variety packs of beverage cans efficiently for retail 

Variety Pack Robotic Infeed Machine Specifications

  • Up to 1250 cans per minute when running minimum of four lanes 
  • Up to 1800 cans per minute with six lanes 
Product Configuration and Size
Product and Size Ranges
  • Designed to handle 53 to 66 mm beverage cans that match the capabilities of the parent machine 
  • Options for other can sizes 
Typical Pack Patterns
  • Common pack patterns: 6-pack to 24-pack 
  • Many more available 

Variety Pack Robotic Infeed Machine Features

Standard Features

  • Six robots 
  • Six lane multi-diameter product guides 
  • Dual pallet scissor lifts at each depalletization cell 
  • Tray return system 
  • No-tool changeover 
  • Vision system to detect can location prior to pick 
  • Light curtain/scanner safety system 
  • Controlled by HMI 

Optional Features

  • Can bypass system 
  • Customizable solutions 
  • Manual depalletizing option available 
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