Innovation Highlight

Strawless Lid Developed for Intermountain Healthcare Cold Cup Range


Intermountain Healthcare’s Innovative Strawless Lid Offering

Our strawless lid solution provides another way to reduce the amount of plastic being used by consumers. Intermountain Healthcare was using 4.9 million straws per year and was able to reduce usage by 2 million with the new strawless lid by introducing it at all of their 39 locations. “It’s a good feeling to know we’re greatly reducing plastic usage and helping Utah’s environment.” said Robin Aufdenkampe, Intermountain Food and Nutrition Director.

Intermountain Healthcare cold cups
  • Lock-down strawless lid design offers splash resistance and liquid flow resembling that of a soda can.
  • Prior to consumption, the lock-down feature reduces splashes while the cup is in motion when being carried or in a car cup holder.
  • While drinking, the strawless lid inhibits ice from blocking the sipper hole.
  • The strawless lid fits Graphic Packaging’s standard paper cold cups which are made with fiber from renewable resources – trees.
  • Supports Intermountain Healthcare’s commitment to waste reduction.
  • Convenient strawless lid design for busy consumers.
  • Reduces the amount of plastic used compared to the traditional lid and straw combination.