Why Boardio™ is the Paperboard Packaging Hero Consumers Crave 

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Today, purchases are seen as more than just everyday essentials – they’re an expression of who we are and what we want. And what today’s consumers want is to reduce the impact they have on the planet

Brands looking to tap into these desires can do so by respecting consumer demands to shift away from plastic packaging and into materials they see as more sustainable, such as paperboard. 

Boardio™ offers consumers a better choice 

Boardio™ is an example of a solution that respects today’s conscientious consumers. It’s a recyclable paperboard canister that provides an alternative to rigid and flexible plastic, glass, and metal containers. With customizable barrier protection, it’s designed for applications such as ground coffee, tea, infant formula, confectionery, vitamins, nutrition powders and much more.   

It’s packaging that makes it easy for consumers to stay true to their values – and that means they’ll stay true to your brand, too. 

Here’s why consumers love Boardio 

In June 2023, independent consultancy Hardworking Packaging LLC conducted a consumer survey on Boardio. It had three aims: 

  • To gauge consumer perceptions of Boardio in terms of ease of opening, ease of use, ability to maintain freshness, and visual appeal for a range of dry food applications, including coffee, cocoa, snacks, and spices 
  • To learn whether Boardio was seen to enable or limit functionality, convenience, and ease of use 
  • To understand consumer perceptions of Boardio from a sustainability perspective versus alternative packaging materials and formats, including flexible and rigid plastic, and glass 

First impressions are everything 

First impressions are all-important in packaging, and when consumers expressed their top-of-mind thoughts, they described it as feeling interesting and looking modern, with an appealing rounded square shape ​that was likely to stand out on-shelf. Respondents also felt it looked high-quality and well finished, and immediately preferred it to bags and pouches​. 

Redefining functional packaging 

Consumers should not have to sacrifice pack functionality to get the sustainable packaging they want. The survey revealed that consumers responded positively to the functional features of Boardio, finding it easy to open and securely close. The secure closure was perceived to help keep the pack contents fresh, while respondents found the hinged lid to be convenient. 

Consumers also loved that they were able to easily access the pack contents thanks to the wide aperture. Compared to plastic pouches, consumers said this made Boardio a great choice for snacking, while its integrated scoop was seen as a useful feature for other applications, like coffee and cocoa. 

Recyclable, made primarily from renewable materials, and guilt-free 

In addition, the survey found consumers strongly approved of how easy it is to recycle Boardio, and felt safe in the knowledge that it is made primarily from renewable materials which meant they expressed less guilt about choosing paper. For this reason, Boardio was preferred over flexible bags and pouches. Respondents also supported brands in switching to a paperboard canister but felt strongly that this shouldn’t happen at the expense of functionality or convenience. 

In short, consumers want businesses to do better. And you can do better for your business with Boardio – a mature, market-proven solution that offers huge benefits to any packaging portfolio.