Paperboard Canister Machinery Systems

Our innovative machinery systems form, fill and seal our portfolio of paperboard canisters – Boardio™, Sealio™, and Cekacan™. They are unique packaging solutions that meet your specific needs for product protection, differentiation, and sustainability.

Paperboard Canister Machinery Benefits

We support you through conceptualization, installation, and verification on-site, as well as providing service support over time.

Operational Efficiency Benefits
Operational Efficiency
  • Integrated machinery and material solution 
  • State-of-the-art modular machine system 
Consumer Experience Benefits
Customer Service
  • Unique product protection combined with outstanding consumer convenience 

Paperboard Canister Machinery Portfolio

Based on proprietary technologies, we provide unique high-performance packaging solutions – both machinery and materials – which are optimized for packing sensitive powders and mixes such as infant formula, coffee, dry mixes, confectionery, and more.

Boardio™ Machinery System
Boardio™ Machinery System

The Boardio™ machinery system and materials have been optimized for efficient continuous production with minimal downtime. 

Sealio System
Sealio™ Machinery System

The Sealio™ integrated machinery system has been designed to make the Sealio paperboard canister.  

Cekacan System
Cekacan™ Machinery System

The Cekacan™ integrated machinery solution and materials have been optimized for efficient, continuous production of the Cekacan paperboard canister with minimal downtime. 

Related Products

Ideal alternatives to plastic, metal, and glass containers for dry foods, sensitive powders like infant milk formula, healthcare, and beauty applications, our paper canister packaging solutions can be customized to your desired shape and size, are direct-filled, can be tailored with low to high barrier protection, and are recyclable.

Our portfolio includes Boardio, Sealio, and Cekacan, all based on proprietary technology and with integrated machinery systems to ensure production efficiency.

Boardio™ Fiber-Based Canister Packaging
Boardio™ Paperboard Canister

With more than 80 percent fiber, Boardio™ has a unique shape with space for product information and branding on all six sides and offers excellent protection for a range of applications.  

Sealio™ Fiber-Based Gas-Tight Canister Packaging
Sealio™ Paperboard Canister

Sealio™ is a patented gas-tight, direct-fill paperboard canister that provides high-barrier protection ideal for infant milk formula, coffee, food, and sensitive powders. 

Offering a hinged lid for easy pouring, Cekacan™ is a fiber-based alternative to rigid plastic containers and is ideal for dry goods and powdered applications.
Cekacan™ Paperboard Canister

Cekacan™ is an easy-to-use paperboard solution to replace rigid plastic, glass, and metal containers.

It’s available in various sizes and shapes and with 360-degree high-quality print to create differentiation on the retail shelf.