Kodiak Cakes Packaging Conveys Brand Values

The Kodiak Cakes brand values natural ingredients and their 100% sustainable “brown box” packaging effectively tells that story to consumers.


Graphic Packaging’s 20 pt Uncoated Recycled Board (URB) is key to providing the iconic signature look of the Kodiak Cakes brand on the retail shelf. Kodiak Cakes continuously hears consumers refer to them as “the brown box with the growling bear” – an identity that fits very well with their sustainability and natural/artisan brand image.

  • Paperboard
    Offer sustainable packaging that conveys the brand’s value
  • Design
    Create a signature look to communicate brand identity
  • Ink & Coating
    Convey sustainability and grab consumer’s attention
  • 20pt Uncoated Recycled Board
    Made from 100% recycled paper fiber
  • URB Board
    Provides an instant “natural” and honest image for the brand
  • UV Inks with Acrylic Matte Coating
  • The high density and stiffness of URB results in excellent scoring & finishing quality
  • Uncoated brown board with illustrative graphics supports the brand vision and product quality
  • The use of UV inks with matte acrylic coating on the URB board makes the graphics pop

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