Innovation Highlight

Kraft Heinz Color-Your-Own Carton Improves Consumer Experience


Kraft Heinz Creates an Engaging Crayola “Color Your Own” On-Package Activity for Kids to Improve the Consumer’s Experience and Promote the Brand

Our recycled paperboard (CRB) is the ideal substrate for coloring with Crayola crayons.

Kraft Heinz collaborates with Graphic Packaging to create an on-pack Crayola activity for kids
  • Cost neutral enhancement opportunity featuring a largely unprinted white surface and heavy black line illustrations, printed on high quality paperboard, to engage consumers and create brand loyalty.
  • Shelf differentiation is created by the design’s stark contrast to other products, turning the carton into a unique “Color Your Own” coloring book page that stands out strongly on the retail shelf.
  • Effective consumer engagement is established because this traditional form of interactivity on the package appeals to parents and kids alike, and does not require any specialized technology or equipment. It also encourages parents to share their kids’ creations on social media.
  • Our recycled paperboard (CRB) is the perfect coloring surface for using Crayola crayons.
  • The graphic design drives excitement with a creative on-package coloring activity to engage kids and creates a positive brand experience.