Innovation Highlight

Mergulo Moves Their Plant-Based Butter Alternative to Paperboard Packaging

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We partnered with Start-Up Mergulo to Create Sustainable Packaging for Premium, Plant-Based Butter Alternative

Mergulo delivers innovative sustainable paperboard packaging that is fit-for-purpose and reflects the brand’s natural philosophy.

Plant-based butter producer Mergulo collaborated with Graphic Packaging International to create paperboard packaging that is fit for purpose.
  • Innovative Design developed with many features, such as a hinged lid, friction closure and pull-down front section to allow for easy access to the contents.
  • Grease-resistant board to prevent wicking and staining due to the product’s high-fat content. This was important not only to protect and preserve the product, but also to elevate Mergulo’s status as a trusted brand.
  • Premium & sustainable packaging: the grease-resistant board is free from standard plastic layers, and the one-piece construction has been designed to optimize the sheet and reduce waste. In addition, the packaging is widely recyclable according to On-Pack Recyling Label (OPRL) guidelines.
  • Effective collaboration and extensive testing ensured the development of an innovative paperboard solution that is fit-for-purpose.
  • Brand differentiation with reduced plastic content versus standard butter packaging.
  • The package reflects the Mergulo brand’s environmental mission to reduce plastic content while establishing a natural and premium look.