KeelClip™ for Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages Completes a Hat-Trick with AmeriStar Sustainable Packaging Award

August 9, 2023

Institute of Packaging Professionals's AmeriStar Award has been announced for our partnership with Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages.

2023 is proving to be another great year for our premium clip-style multipack solution KeelClip™. In addition to success in the Dieline Awards and World Food Innovation Awards this year, an Institute of Packaging Professionals AmeriStar Award has been announced for our partnership with Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages.  

Hosted and judged by a jury of packaging professionals and industry experts, the annual competition is committed to identifying the very best in professional packaging design solutions. 

Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages, the local Coca-Cola bottler for the northeastern United States Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York markets, introduced KeelClip technology in 2022 to improve sustainability across its entire distribution footprint of New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Delaware. This transition removed around 75,000 pounds of plastic packaging per year from the supply chain. 

KeelClip is a clip-style multipack solution for beverage cans that eliminates the need for plastic rings and shrink film. Responsible for the replacement of over 360 million plastic multipacks worldwide in 2022 alone, KeelClip continues to make a significant contribution to the circular economy. 

KeelClip is a packaging technology for today and tomorrow, ready for commercialization at speed and scale thanks to the AutoClip™ KC1600 machinery solution. It’s an advanced, fully automated machine that offers the operational efficiency demanded by global beverage companies.