PaperSeal™ Success Continues with AmeriStar Award Win

August 8, 2022

AmeriStar Award PaperSeal

The sustainable, paperboard PaperSeal™ tray developed for New Seasons Market has won an Institute of Packaging Professionals’ AmeriStar Award. 

Launched in stores in April 2022 for their Partner Brand Fresh Pasta range, the PaperSeal tray reduces plastic by 91 percent compared to the previous plastic clamshell pack and will enable New Seasons Market to eliminate 120,000 plastic packs from entering waste streams each year. 

 This award adds to PaperSeal’s impressive collection, which includes three WorldStar awards, including a special award in sustainability, the European Carton Excellence Awards’ ‘Save the Planet’ award plus PAC GlobalPPC, DieLine, Good Design and Liderpack awards. 

 Available in modified atmosphere, vacuum skin and dual-ovenable packaging formats, PaperSeal is suitable for a wide range of applications including fresh and processed  meat, fish and plant-based protein, fresh and processed fruit, salads, pasta and more. 

PaperSeal combines a paperboard tray made from renewable wood-based fiber from sustainable sources with a removable liner, allowing the paperboard portion of the tray to be recycled by the consumer. In addition, the unique, continuous sealing flange delivers excellent hermetic seal integrity, reducing the potential for food waste, further enhancing the sustainability of the pack.