New Seasons Market Adopts Paperboard PaperSeal™ Tray

March 30, 2022

Leading global provider of paperboard consumer packaging Graphic Packaging International (‘Graphic Packaging’) is helping grocer New Seasons Market to build on its commitment to the highest levels of environmental stewardship.

The company’s PaperSeal™ tray product – which was developed in partnership with world leader in tray sealing technology, G. Mondini – has been selected as a winning solution by New Seasons Market to replace the plastic clamshells currently used on the grocer’s Partner Brand Fresh Pasta.

The new PaperSeal tray-packed pasta will appear in stores beginning this April and will enable New Seasons Market to eliminate 120,000 plastic packs from entering waste streams each year.

Ricardo De Genova, senior vice president of global innovation and new business development at Graphic Packaging, says: “The PaperSeal tray is a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic food packaging trays. Since its launch, it has been widely adopted across Europe, Japan and Australia, winning numerous sustainability awards, and has become a go-to choice for businesses looking to reduce plastic use in their packaging while maintaining freshness.”

Available in multiple formats, including modified atmosphere (MAP), vacuum skin (VSP) and non-MAP top-seal trays, PaperSeal can be used to pack fresh and processed meat, chilled and frozen ready meals, cheese, snacks, salad, fruit and more.

It combines a paperboard tray, which is produced using renewable wood-based fiber sourced from sustainably managed forests, with a film that can be easily separated post-use. As they are made from paper, PaperSeal trays offer high levels of recyclability and can be recycled through existing curbside collection programs when the liner is removed. They also offer a significant reduction in plastic usage compared to traditional trays. For example, by switching to PaperSeal trays for its Partner Brand Fresh Pasta, New Seasons Market will use 91 percent less plastic in each pack.

“We’re constantly assessing the tradeoffs between product preservation, upstream material impact, and downstream disposal opportunities in our packaging work, and our customers expect our leadership in this area,” said Athena Petty, senior sustainability manager at New Seasons Market. “The decision to adopt PaperSeal packaging reflects the process we take when making decisions, and this change is a positive step to balance our impacts on people, the planet, and our business.”