Folding Cartons

The world’s leading brands choose our paperboard packaging to be an extension of their brand. You’ll find our cartons containing your favorite cereal, frozen food, domestic and craft beer, snacking and club store packaging and beyond. We create standard and custom folding cartons including beverage multipacks and cartons for food, household items, personal care and more. Browse through our folding carton products.

ZFlute™ Folding Carton

Strength Packaging

Strength packaging solutions that offer superior printing and small fluting for compression strength and aesthetic appeal.

Seal End Carton

Standard Folding Cartons

Standard folding cartons can be customized and designed for either small-scale hand-filling or high-speed automated packaging lines.

Multipack Cartons

Multipack cartons for beverages, canned goods, yogurt cups and more.

IntegraFlex™ Hybrid Packaging

Hybrid Packaging

A hybrid packaging line of cartons that offers manufacturing and filling efficiency, improved consumer functionality, convenience and more.

Materials Enhancements Folding Cartons

Enhanced Packaging

Enhanced packaging that features special structural elements, inks and coatings, or materials.

Wraps for non-carbonated and specialty beverage market

Wrap and Clip Style Multipacks

Wrap and clip-style multipack cartons deliver the right amount of coverage to protect and secure your product while maintaining visibility.

Custom Packaging Formed

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging designed with your manufacturing processes and consumer in mind.

Seal End Carton

Seal End Cartons

Seal end folding cartons are custom-sized, side-seamed designs for high-speed setup and filling on standard carton machinery.

Tuck Style Folding Cartons

Tuck Style Cartons

Tuck style folding cartons are custom-sized, tuck-style designs to accommodate a wide range of products.

Tray Style Cartons

Tray Style Cartons

Tray style folding cartons are locking or glued trays that can incorporate hinged lids and locking features for bakery items, snack bars, juice pouches, loose-fill products and more.

Fully Enclosed Multipacks

Fully enclosed cartons for beverages that include our proprietary Fridge Vendor™, TwinStack™, economy-style packs and more.

Basket Carrier Multipacks

Basket Carrier Multipacks

Highly efficient basket carriers designed to hold bottled beverages with easy-to-carry handles for convenience and portability.



KeelClip™ is a paper fastener that replaces plastic rings, tops and shrink wrap, and offers merchandising benefits that other similar beverage packs can't.

Heavyweight Folding Cartons Strength Juice Pouches

Heavyweight Folding Cartons

Standard folding cartons utilizing heavyweight paperboard and unique structural design elements that enhance performance characteristics versus traditional folding cartons.

LithoFlute folding carton

Litho-Laminated Corrugated Packaging

Litho-laminated boxes offer a graphically decorated corrugated package by combining a printed top sheet with a back liner and fluted medium available in a variety of flute profiles including heavyweight applications.

ZFlute™ Folding Carton

Laminated Folding Cartons

Our laminated folding cartons are engineered through our Z-Flute™ process which involves strategic lamination to the inside, load-bearing areas of a folding carton resulting in the performance of a corrugated box.

Hybrid IntegraFlute™ Carton


A right-sized, high-strength corrugated design that includes a barrier liner which allows for direct filling into the package. A great alternative to bag-in-box, IntegraFlute™ provides maximum product protection and durability ideal for e-commerce packaging, club stores and more.

Hybrid IntegraPak™ Popcorn Clusters


A fully enclosed design combining an outer paperboard carton with an inner flexible liner into a single unit. Engineered to be right-sized, and direct-filled for package and manufacturing efficiency.

IntegraFlex™ Hybrid Packaging


IntegraFlex™ incorporates the best features of both a folding carton and flexible package in a cost effective and more efficient solution that provides a better on-the-go consumer experience.

Promotional Cartons

Promotional Packaging

Custom promotional packaging including folding carton and paperboard solutions that deliver added value for brands.

Materials Enhancements Folding Cartons

Material Enhancements

With material enhancements, we print folding cartons on special substrates to create a stunning overall effect that makes the package stand out strongly on the retail shelf.

Folding Carton Print Enhancements

Print Enhancements

Print enhancements including specialty inks, coatings and embossing are used to create visually attractive packages with an elevated shelf impact that conveys a premium brand image.

Enhanced Cartons - Ice Cream Bars

Structural Enhancements

Unique structural carton designs that add improved functionality and on-shelf differentiation.



FruitPack™ is a line of paper-based fruit packaging that offers a variety of sustainable, shelf-ready solutions for fresh fruit and vegetables.