Carryout Trays & Cup Carriers

Carryout Trays & Cup CarriersOur carryout trays & cup carriers are convenient, quick serve containers for food trucks and other similar applications. Carryout trays come in a variety of two and four cup sizes with ample room for sandwiches, fries and other food items. Handled drink carriers won’t rip or tip over due to their superior wet strength. Cup carriers feature deep compartments to hold large drinks with handy push-in straps to secure smaller drinks. Entertainment facilities including movie theaters, stadiums, concert venues, and amusement parks will find our containers are a quick and easy way to provide prompt service to large crowds.

Carryout Trays & Cup Carriers – Product Specifications
  • Trays come in a variety of two and four cup sizes
  • Cup carriers are available in two and four cup options


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Carryout Trays Brochure

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