EnviroClipEnviroClip™ is our can clip packaging solution that uses the least amount of material as an alternative to plastic rings and shrink film packaging. Free of glue and plastic laminations, EnviroClip is a single ply of paperboard, and an ideal solution for standard cans in four- and six-pack configurations. The new clipping style provides increased integrity, allowing the pack to perform well through both the supply chain and at retail.


  • Pack Options

    EnviroClip is recommended for standard 12 oz cans in four- and six-pack configurations and for 16 oz cans in four-pack configurations.

  • Sustainability

    A no glue, no plastic laminations, single-ply clip that uses the least amount of material in our can clip portfolio

    Provides a sustainable option for brands looking to replace plastic rings and shrink film

  • Machinery

    Small footprint equipment, with an offering that can run at a range of speeds, from manual application to high-speed automation

    Provides packaging flexibility for brands

  • Protection

    EnviroClip provides support and protection of standard cans by holding tightly to the rim of the can with our proprietary clipping system

  • Comfort Carry

    Finger holes make EnviroClip a comfortable, easy-to-carry pack



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Operational Efficiency
  • Arrives as a flat blank, offering transport and storage cost reductions
  • Small footprint equipment that is suitable to replace existing ring systems and is easy to operate
  • Product pitched machine provides maximum efficiency and speed capability
  • Small footprint machine can be incorporated into, or closely coupled to, other packaging formats to create flexible systems for all can types and pack formats
Consumer Experience
  • Finger holes make package easy to carry and transport
  • Cans are secured, but can be easily removed once ready to consume
  • Space for brand and sustainability messaging
  • 100% paperboard solution; no glue or plastic laminations
  • Easy to recycle after use
  • Significantly less paperboard than most other carton options