Fully Enclosed Multipacks


Fully enclosed folding cartons for beverage, food and pet food multipack applications can be customized to your product needs.

Choose from a wide range of fully enclosed multipacks, features and premium finishing.

Fully enclosed cartons deliver maximum coverage to protect and secure your product through the supply chain. 



  • Pack Options

    Fully enclosed multipack cartons are available for up to 36 cans 

  • Applications

    Canned beverages, food, pet food, dairy, and most cylindrical primary containers 

  • Sustainability

    Made from renewable plant-based fiber from sustainable sources  

    Easy to recycle after use 

  • Machinery

    Fully integrated machinery solutions via the QuickFlexrange  

  • On-shelf impact

    Provide maximum area for high-impact branding  

    Shelf-ready dispensing options available