Takeout Containers

Our fast food and deli takeout containers provide the convenience, protection and presentation your customers expect.

Takeout Boxes & Barns

Autobottom tuck top cartons feature a tuck lid with a “lock”. Fast top styles snap open quickly for filling and close by locking the top into the box ends. The snack and dinner sized tuck top and fast top cartons are perfect for 2 piece to 4 piece individual meals or multipiece chicken tenders. Handled boxes are ideal for larger portion takeout orders that require carton strength.

Takeout Pails

Our takeout pails are available in three of the most popular sizes, manufactured on solid bleached sulfate (SBS) paperboard and coated with half mil poly on the inside to prevent liquid and grease soak-through. The microwave-safe construction and material are perfect for hot or cold foods.

Our takeout pails are perfect for leftovers after a restaurant meal or as a vehicle for quick-serve take home foods such as fried shrimp, chicken wings or bites. A multi-use package, the pails are great for catered events whether using them to hold party favors or as an alternative gift container. Bakeries and craft stores will find our takeout pails are a hit for small baked goods or as containers to separate crafting supplies such as beads. The possibilities are endless.

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