Fiber-Based Produce Packaging

Paperboard packaging solutions, while heavily utilized in many Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sectors, are a less common sight on the produce aisle. Traditionally, plastic packaging has served the purpose of protecting, preserving and best presenting fresh produce. However, increasing legislation, brand and retailer sustainability goals and changing consumer perceptions have influenced market trends to the point where retailers are looking to adopt plastic alternatives.

Growers, grower-packers and retailers have an opportunity to get ahead of the game and tap into the benefits of fiber as a viable alternative to plastic packaging for fresh produce. Read on to learn how, and how others have found success in their fiber-based produce packaging journeys. 



Guide to Transitioning to Sustainable, Fiber-based Packaging for Fresh Produce

Choosing to adopt fiber-based packaging for fresh produce unlocks a whole host of exciting benefits for growers, packers, and retailers in terms of both sustainability and commercial performance.

It can also leave you pondering a number of important questions. Where do I start? How easy will it be? And what disruption could it cause to my existing operations?

In this eBook, we draw on our expertise as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fiber-based packaging for consumer products to answer these questions—and more.


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See Fiber-Based Produce Packaging In Action

The Tomato Stall Replaces Plastic Tomato Packaging with Paperboard

The Tomato Stall required a fiber-based solution that eliminated flow wrap from specific ranges while reducing the overall amount of plastic in its packaging portfolio. See how they achieved their goals.

Belle Harvest ProducePack
BelleHarvest Transforms Industry Packaging with a 100% Recyclable Solution

Pursuing their commitment to sustainability and healthy eating, BelleHarvest partnered with Graphic Packaging International to create new produce packaging that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and 100% recyclable.