Various Codes, One Solution – the Serialization Service for Pharmaceutical Packaging

GPI serialization for pharmaceutical packaging

The World Health Organization estimates one in ten medical products in developing countries are substandard or falsified. Counterfeit pharmaceuticals pose a significant threat to patient safety, and several authorities around the world have introduced legislation, including the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) in the EU.  

Our serialization solution has been designed to be highly flexible, and can accommodate longer or more complex coding requirements, including compliant EU codes (according to regulations 2011/62/EU and 2016/161), Chinese C128 codes, QR codes, RFID applications, and country-specific formats, such as Italian Bollini labels. It also meets the requirements of the most recent drug traceability specifications. Production processes and capabilities have been designed to ensure the new requirements for coding can be efficiently met. It means that customers can meet many varied coding requirements across multiple markets with a single, highly effective system.  

Each code is printed at the highest quality to ensure readability standards are met, with a high-contrast, high-resolution code that ensures optimal scanner legibility.  

Serialization is integrated into the printing process, with codes able to be printed on open or pre-glued packs. A unique software system prevents duplicates from occurring, which, when combined with the Grade A print quality ensures optimal efficiency and consistency from each print run. 

This complete end-to-end pharmaceutical packaging solution is easy to incorporate into an existing process with no investment costs, delivering increased efficiency and flexibility, which can help customers to expand into new markets with different coding regulations. 

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