Graphic Packaging further strengthens fiber-based multipack portfolio with EnviroTop™

EnviroTop™Fiber-based consumer packaging leader Graphic Packaging has unveiled its latest fiber-based innovation for multipacks – EnviroTop™. 

EnviroTop allows the elimination of shrink film from multipack trays of cans, jars, and bottles by providing producers and packers with a high-performance fiber-based alternative. As governments across the world crack down on unnecessary plastic packaging and consumer sentiment in favor of packaging with less plastic grows, EnviroTop provides a valuable and effective alternative. 

A versatile solution 

EnviroTop™ is a highly versatile fiber-based packaging solution that enables the replacement of plastic shrink film on multipacks of cans, jars, and bottles in corrugated trays.   

It supports a wide range of configurations – from 6-packs up to 24-packs – and can work with existing corrugated trays. Alternatively, Graphic Packaging can offer a premium printed paperboard tray to provide a complete, coordinated solution. 

Designed for today’s customer and consumer needs  

The new solution comes with significant benefits for producers, retailers, and consumers. 

EnviroTop allows producers to remove their shrink tunnel equipment and replace it with a small-footprint machine, which may reduce energy use. Removing shrink film from the supply chain could help brands and retailers meet their plastic packaging reduction goals.  

This will be appreciated by today’s consumers, who are increasingly voting with their wallets on the issue of sustainable packaging. An all-paperboard multipack provides on-shelf differentiation next to traditional shrink film wrapped packs and is much easier for consumers to recycle as the entire pack can be placed in household paper waste streams. 

High impact branding potential 

EnviroTop offers superior billboarding potential, providing producers and packers with a high-impact solution that provides differentiation in the retail space.  

Steve Gould, director, business development, global beverage & multipacks at Graphic Packaging commented, “We’re passionate about improving access to high-quality fiber-based innovations for every application, and EnviroTop is another big step forward on our journey.  

“EnviroTop was designed to meet the needs of today’s consumers while providing packers and producers with a host of benefits. Switching from plastic shrink film to a fiber-based alternative has never been easier.”