Coatings and Laminations

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As the premier paperboard manufacturer offering extrusion coating, adhesive lamination and water-based coatings, we offer you the advantage of working with a one-stop provider that manages and optimizes the entire supply chain.

Our portfolio of advanced coatings and laminations for folding cartons provides superior protection against moisture, gas, grease and aroma. Using our advanced R&D operations, we design the most cost-effective, high-performance solution to meet each customer’s needs. We excel at producing high-barrier paperboard products with extrusion coatings, as well as decorative film, holographic and metallic lamination finishes which can be adhered to any paperboard substrate in order to capture consumers’ attention and drive retail sales.


Increase package shelf life and resist moisture with decorative laminations by utilizing metalized films, holograms, mirror coatings, and reverse-printed metalized film applications.


Whether it’s cups, ice cream containers, frozen food cartons or any other item requiring barrier protection, extrusion coatings are an effective method of obtaining increased performance of paperboard through a variety of extruded resins.

Coatings and Laminations for Barrier Protection Against

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E-Coat™ Environmental Solutions

Choose recyclable, water-based coatings that provide an excellent, sustainable solution for bakery and frozen food products. These coatings allow for repulpability and biodegradability.


Great for bakery items such as cookies, donuts, muffins or biscuits.  Also ideal for frozen foods and oily or greasy parts that require a protective grease barrier to prevent wicking.


Excellent high release characteristics for bakery products when subjected to appropriate baking temperatures in both commercial and consumer baking ovens.


Moderate MVTR characteristics for glueable and pressable cartons that offers recyclability for frozen food and dual ovenable applications.