Pizza Containers

Pizza containers from Graphic Packaging International

Our pizza containers feature fast setup with locking mechanisms on the single slice and pizza clamshell models while the rigid structure protects the contents from touching the lid. The single slice pizza carton has a tear-away lid, turning the container into an eating tray for convenience. Manufactured on virgin solid bleached sulfate (SBS) paperboard, the single slice and pizza clamshell offers superior stiffness and resists tearing while the pizza wedge is made of coated recycled paperboard (CRB) and provides on the go convenience.  Great for delis, pizza houses, street vendors, stadiums and a host of fast food applications.

Available Styles
  • Single slice clamshell: manufactured in solid bleached sulfate paperboard (SBS)
  • Pizza wedge: manufactured in coated recycled paperboard (CRB)
Pizza Containers Product Details
  • Offers superior stiffness and resists tearing
  • Includes tear-away lid to turn into a tray for convenience
  • Custom printing also available


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