Quick-Change Magazines and Accessories

Quick-change magazines are designed for users who require frequent changeovers. Toolless and lift-out/lift-in design ensures quick and repeatable changeovers between product sizes that run on our pick-and-place machines. 

Ideal for nested products such as paper board, aluminum, and plastic trays, bowls, tubs & lids. 

Quick-Change Magazines and Accessories

This product may not be available in your region. Please contact us for more information.

Quick-Change Magazines and Accessories Benefits

Operational Efficiency Benefits
Operational Efficiency
  • Tool-less design: simply loosen handles, lift out, and then lift in the quick-change magazine 
  • Optional tool-less quick-change vacuum stem tooling 
Convenience Benefits
  • Clear visibility and easy-access guarding provide safe and easy access to the machine 

Quick-Change Magazines and Accessories Features

Standard Features
  • Multiple sizes and designs to suit various applications 
  • Dedicated magazines allow operators to easily change over between products and eliminate clipping and fine-tune adjustments each time the product is run 
  • Dedicated magazines enable repeatable changeovers and increased line efficiency 
  • Operators are easily able to change over between products, freeing up mechanics’ time 
  • Dedicated quick-change magazines have an aluminum faceplate with product clipping that is designed, set up, and tested for specific products with a typical changeover time of 5 minutes on-line 
  • Universal adjustable magazines are available for products similar in width or height including slotted adjustments to adjust the magazine width, height, and clipping adjustments. Typical changeover and fine-tuning after changeover is 20-35 minutes on-line.  
Optional Features
  • Quick-change vacuum stem tooling allows dedicated positioning of vacuum cups for products vs. manual adjustments for vacuum stem position (width, height, and depth of vacuum cups), resulting in easy and repeatable changeovers 
  • Carts designed to hold and store multiple sets of quick-change magazines and vacuum stem tooling offer protection and portability to and from the line