Rotary Vacuum Placers

Rotary vacuum placers, also called rotary placers, onserters, or inserters, are flexible, continuous-motion machines designed for picking a variety of stackable items at high speed with placement onto or into another product on a conveyor or flight system.  

They can work independently or be integrated with existing packaging lines to feed, denest, or erect product. 

The rotary vacuum placer handles a variety of products such as cartons, paper carriers, CR80 cards, premiums, pizza sheets, and nested products such as bowls or tubs, lids, irregularly shaped products, pouches, and more. 

Rotary Vacuum Placers

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See Rotary Vacuum Placers in Action

They can be standalone or integrated with existing packaging lines to feed, denest, or erect products.

Rotary Vacuum Placers Specifications

  • Speeds up to 450 placements per minute depending upon product, rotary head size and rotation 
Product Configuration
  • Two, three, or four vacuum arms to suit speed and product requirements 
  • Single and multiple lane designs 
Product Configuration and Size
Product and Size Ranges
  • Product size dependent upon rotary head size and rotation of head 
  • Minimum product size:  1” x 1” 
  • Maximum product size: 22” high x 48” wide 
Machine Models
  • Mini, standard, and jumbo head sizes to accommodate product and application 
  • Secondary motion rotary (SMR) placers available to pick and place nested trays up to 200 placements per minute 
    • Up to 3” deep trays on 4-stop Secondary Motion Rotary 
    • Up to 4” deep trays on 3-stop Secondary Motion Rotary
Electrical and Air Requirements
Electrical & Air Requirements
  • Control Voltage: 24 VDC 
  • Supply Voltage: 220 VAC, single phase 
  • 80 psi clean/dry air supply required (equivalent to Class 3 or better) 
  • CFM dependent on vacuum system specified 

“The equipment looks great, the accompanying documentation is top notch, and you have stayed within your time schedule. The new rotary feeder has performed very well for us. Our downtime for carton feeding has dropped to practically nothing.”

Process Engineer

Major Home Products Company

Rotary Vacuum Placers Features

Standard Features
  • Continuous-motion placement of a variety of products 
  • PLC controlled – brand flexibility allows flexible configurations 
  • 120-degree or 240-degree rotary rotation depending upon application needs 
  • Horizontal or vertical placement 
  • AC-drive, servo-drive or extended center shaft for customer drive controls 
Optional Features
  • Patented advancing cam motion to speed match placement of item onto a moving target 
  • Cantilevered floor mount stands with casters or custom mounting 
  • Quick-change magazines and quick-change vacuum stem tooling for quick, repeatable changeovers 
  • Powered horizontal magazines for extended run times 
  • Line controls to meet customer needs 
  • Integration of hot melt glue system, bar code scanner or labeler with 240- degree rotation 
  • Interface this machine with major brands of equipment for reliable product placement needs 
  • Controls for missed item, with audible buzzer