QuikFlex™ TP

QuikFlex™ TP is a high-speed system for producing corrugated or paperboard trays to pack loose items such as cans and bottles. 

It has the flexibility to create trays with different wall heights and corner styles for ultimate efficiency and protection. It is also able to work as a module for our clip applicator, AutoClip SplitClip™

QuikFlex™ TP

QuikFlex TP Operational Efficiency Benefits

  • Heavy-duty tubular steel frame with corrosion-resistant coatings and materials 
Clear Visibility
  • Full height, clear visibility and sliding guard doors provide easy walk-in access to the machine 
Tool-Free Changeover
  • Tool-free changeover technology is quick, simple and repeatable, eliminating time-consuming fine tuning
IQ Tablet
  • Our IQ tablet with changeover checklist and video help enable estimated changeover times of 15-30 minutes depending on the required change 

See QuikFlex TP in Action

QuikFlex TP Features and Applications

  • Suitable for multi-diameter/multi-height products 
  • Tool-free, quick and repeatable changeovers
  • Right or left-hand carton loading and controls
  • Auto prime and clean-out features
  • Walk-in frame
  • Text fault display
  • 2.5 meter carton magazine
  • Ergonomic waist-high carton loading
  • Market-proven segment wheel feeder 
  • Wedge metering for smooth product infeed
  • Advanced touchscreen interface
  • Tankless hot melt glue system
  • Beer
  • Craft beer
  • Carbonated soft drinks
  • Water and sports nutrition
  • Coffee and tea
  • Dairy
  • Spirits and cocktails
  • Wine
  • Pet care

QuikFlex TP Specifications

Primary Containers and Pack Configurations
  • Cans and glass bottles 
  • Pack formats: 12, 15, 16, 18, 20, 24 
  • Primary container size ranges:
    • Diameter: 2.1” (53mm) to 3” (76mm)
    • Height: 3.4” (86mm) to 9.75” (247 mm) 
  • 15″ pitch | 100 ppm sustained | 120 ppm surge  
Machine Models
Machine Dimensions
  • 28.2′ long x 7.4′ wide x 7.4′ high 
  • Weighs approximately 22,000 lbs