Structural Enhancements

Structural enhancements

Stand out from the pack with custom, creative structural enhancements that include:

  • New Shapes
  • Unique Opening and Reclosing Features
  • Dispensing Features
  • and more
Create Packaging with Structural Enhancements for
  • Beverages
  • Cookies, Snacks and Confections
  • Frozen Meals, Deserts and Entrees
  • Household Items
  • Paper Products
  • Pet Care
  • and more

Structural Enhancement Options

  • Surfboard Panels

    Add surfboard-style panels to stand out, highlight a promotion, or feature an important detail about your product.

  • Beveled Corners

    Add interest with beveled corners.

  • Rounded Edges

    Create a softer or more premium appearance with rounded edges.

  • Dispensing Features

    Provide easy pantry access with dispensing features.

Enhanced Packaging - Lemonade