The PackFlow™ turn divide system has been designed to solve an array of current challenges such as handling newer pack formats at higher speeds, reducing slippage on new clip design packs, and transfers on small can/bottle packs, all with touchless changeover.

PackFlow is compatible with a variety of our machinery systems including the Marksman™ and QuikFlex™ portfolios, and clip and basket machinery lines.

Features a continuous conveyor with no internal transfers making it a highly efficient machine. It also has precise turning and laning that is repeatable to less than 1 degree on turn and 3mm on divide placements.

PackFlow Benefits

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Operational Efficiency

Overhead System

    • Fully overhead turn/divide flights for high speed and precise positioning and turning

    • Robust rolling elements on all motions for long life

Lift System

    • Long stroke to allow clearance for maintenance

    • Servo-driven for precise motion for product height changes

    • Four-point lifting for stability

    • Ball screw jacks for long life

Control System

    • Onboard servo drives and remote IO.

    • No wiring to main machine except power and data cabling

Turn System

    • Automated turn/no turn changeover for format changes

  • Our market-proven predictive maintenance program (PMP) helps you to plan downtime and enables better budgeting

See PackFlow in Action

Features & Specifications


    • Continuous conveyor with no internal transfers

    • No mechanism below the product line. Divider is insensitive to spills/loose glass/paper dust

    • Fully controlled divide and turn. No drift or relying on friction for turning and dividing.

    • Precise turning and laning, repeatable to less than 1 degree on turn /3mm on divide placement

    • Highest speeds to match higher machine outputs

    • Reject is fully controlled and straight through. No shifting/ turning of bad packs.

    • Full speed reject, unlimited number of rejects possible through the machine


    • 30mm flight bars

    • Motorized overhead lift/height control

    • Turn/divide flights, no transition from turn/divide/ reject

    • Single conveyor below product, no transfers