PaperSeal Slice® Tray

Our innovative PaperSeal Slice® tray offers brands and retailers the opportunity to replace traditional thermoformed plastic trays used for sliced meats and cheeses with a barrier-lined paperboard alternative. The development of the innovative PaperSeal® food tray solution aligns with our Vision 2025, leveraging our industry-leading sustainability profile to expand and improve recyclable packaging solutions for our customers while reducing the impact on the environment.

We understand that the transition to fiber-based packaging is a priority for many of our customers, and it’s clear that sustainable paperboard packaging solutions must meet the functionality and performance of existing tray designs.

Developed in partnership with G. Mondini, world-leaders in tray sealing technology, PaperSeal trays offer an effective and sustainable alternative to plastic trays.

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Benefits of the PaperSeal Slice® Tray

  • The PaperSeal Slice® tray delivers a plastic reduction of 75% compared to a traditional thermoformed tray.
  • The film liner can be easily separated from the paperboard tray after use, enabling easy recycling.
  • The use of lighter-weight paperboard can assist with the achievement of  packaging goals.
  • The paperboard is produced from renewable fiber sourced from sustainably managed forests.
  • Trays can be supplied formed or flat, the latter resulting in lower transport emissions compared to formed plastic trays.
Consumer Experience
  • The unique, continuous sealing flange ensures seal integrity equal to traditional thermoformed plastic trays.
  • The hermetically-sealed tray provides a shelf-life equivalent to traditional plastic trays.
  • High-quality offset graphics on both the inside and outside of the tray deliver on-shelf differentiation, offering real benefits over plastic trays.
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Operational Efficiency
  • Constructed from a single piece of paperboard, the tray requires no folding or gluing and does not require an additional label.
  • The range of liners and paperboards offer the perfect solution for sliced meats and cheeses.
  • Trays can be supplied flat, resulting in lower transport and storage costs compared to pre-made trays.

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