Traditional Susceptors

Traditional Susceptor


Traditional susceptors are an ideal solution for browning and crisping microwaved food products. Our custom susceptor patterns are designed for your specific product and deliver oven-like performance with the convenience of the microwave and can be incorporated into sleeves, discs and trays.

Our proprietary microwave technology is the worldwide leader in enhanced microwave packaging. We have succeeded in doing what no other microwave packaging has ever done – focus microwave energy right where it’s needed to deliver consistent even heating, steaming, or browning and crisping of food. We customize our technology in each product application created. Our design and testing process is rigorous yet flexible, keeping the end user and commercialization success top of mind.

Traditional Susceptors are Ideal for:
  • Pizza
  • Snacks
  • Entrees
  • Side Dishes

Qwik Crisp™

Qwik Crisp™ is an ideal solution for browning and crisping food products through the use of custom susceptor patterns designed for your specific product requirements.

Qwik Crisp™ is engineered to be used with cartons, sleeves, discs and trays where browning and crisping of bread and dough-based products are required. It is perfect for snacks, appetizers, pizzas, pies and sandwiches.

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