Wrap and Clip Style Multipack Machinery

Graphic Packaging International offers several low- to high-speed wrap and clip style multipack machinery systems for beverage and other multipack products.

EnviroClip™ 1800

The EnviroClip™ 1800 is a high-speed, beverage can clip packaging machine sharing the proven product-pitched technology from the Marksman™ 1600 can wrap machine.

ClipCombo Machinery

A highly innovative machinery approach to beverage packaging, ClipCombo™ offers beverage makers the ability to run multiple fiber-based multipack styles across the same machine.

GripClip™ 1600

The GripClip™ 1600 machinery system, a clip-style multipack solution for cans, enables beverage makers and packers to apply a sustainable, recyclable multipack at high speed.


High speed packaging system for wraps and baskets, offering great flexibility in a compact space

MarksmanSB Stacked Bowl Packaging System

The Marksman™SB stacked bowl packaging system is a servo driven/changeover solution for wrapping bowls with a paperboard wrap with patented lock closure.


The KeelClip™1600 is a high-speed system designed for our KeelClip™ paperboard fasteners.

Cap-It G3

Cap-It™ G3 is our next generation multipack machinery system for Cap-It™, our paperboard clip carton solutions for PET bottles with neck rings.

Cap IT™

Cap-It™ 2 is our multipack machinery system for paperboard clip cartons for PET bottles with neck rings.