QuikFlex ReShape™

QuikFlex ReShape™

The QuikFlex ReShape™ allows you to create both standard and unique shaped and nested multipacks that can help reflect the personality of your brand to connect instantly with your consumers. Our technology provides the flexibility to create the styles you need today, and evolve to serve tomorrow’s market demands.

QuikFlex ReShape™ gives you a wide variety of pack styles and formats including rectangular, internal and external product nesting.


Pack Formations

ReShape Rectangular Standard Pack 18 pack
Standard Portfolio

Includes all current rectangular pack styles found at retail today.

Pack counts range from 6-32.

QuikFlex ReShape™ internally nested multipack
Economy Portfolio

Includes internally nested formats that generate fiber savings using smaller blank sizes and no inserts, creating a roomier handle for comfort.

Pack counts rage from 8-39.

QuikFlex ReShape™ externally nested multipack
Premium Portfolio

Includes externally nested formats that allow for configurations previously unattainable in the beverage category.

Pack counts range from 7-38.

QuikFlex ReShape™ Specifications

Primary Containers
  • Cans, Glass bottles, PET
Pack Configurations
  • Standard Portfolio: From 6 packs to 32 packs
  • Economy Portfolio (internally nested): From 8 packs to 39 packs
  • Premium Portfolio (externally nested): From 7 packs to 38 packs
  • Pitch: 12″…Line: 180ppm…Surge: 200 ppm
  • Pitch: 15″…Line: 160ppm…Surge: 180 ppm

QuikFlex ReShape™ internally nested multipack