Whatever Your Food Packaging Challenge, Our Tray Range Has the Solution

Graphic Packaging International Fiber-Based Tray solutions on kitchen counter

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for food packaging.

We have a broad portfolio of paperboard trays for a wide range of food applications, from ready-to-cook fresh meals to fresh produce. This variety means we can use one of our signature technologies to act as the foundation for your new packaging project, before customizing the specifics of the solution to ensure every detail meets your consumers’ needs.

Our approach is collaborative and led entirely by your requirements. Performance is always at the forefront of our collective mind when proposing a solution, as while reducing plastic is a primary motivator for many, this cannot be at the expense of food preservation and protection.

Which tray solution is right for you?

Each tray in our portfolio has been designed to accommodate perfectly the requirements of the food it protects, combining intelligent structural design with a tailored range of barriers, ensuring a shelf-life equivalent to traditional plastic trays.


PaperSeal™ offers a range of different tray formats for a huge variety of fresh and processed food applications. PaperSeal Slice, for example, is ideal for sliced meat and cheese applications. PaperSeal Cook is designed for dual ovenable fresh meal applications. PaperSeal Original is the go-to solution for many applications that require a modified atmosphere.

Delivering a reduction in plastic of up to 90 percent compared to traditional plastic trays, the paperboard tray can be recycled in household paper streams.

Pressed board trays

Pressed board trays are available in a range of shapes, providing an economical, sustainable alternative to CPET and polypropylene plastic trays for frozen ready-to-cook applications. These trays can include enhancements such as multiple compartments and microwave-active materials to promote pastry crisping.


PaperLite™ is a paper-based, thermoformable material supplied on a reel, so an ideal solution if you’re looking to move from a plastic thermoformed tray to a more sustainable, paperboard alternative.

It’s perfect for fresh and processed protein applications such as sliced meats and cheeses.

ProducePack™ Punnets

The ProducePack™ Punnet offers a highly effective alternative to traditional plastic punnet trays. It’s been designed in combination with growers, packers and machinery suppliers to work with existing equipment or with minimal adaptation. Offering a range of barriers and lidding films, the punnet tray performs for even the most sensitive of fruits.

Round containers

A tray format made with the time-poor consumer in mind, paperboard round containers are ideal for grab-and-go convenience food applications like instant ramen, rice pots, sides, and dips. These visually striking packs offer excellent branding opportunities, with a complete 360 degrees of billboarding space.

Thinking of making the switch to paperboard trays? Read on

For a model of how to successfully make the transition from plastic to a paperboard tray, take our collaboration with grocery chain New Seasons Market, which resulted in a PaperSeal fresh pasta pack that reduced plastic use by 91 percent when compared to its previous packaging format. The first grocery store in the world to achieve B Corp certification, New Seasons Market wanted a pack that kept its pasta fresh while reducing plastic in its packaging.

Offering equivalent shelf-life to their previous packaging format, new pack also offered 360 degrees of billboarding space for the brand to ensure its product stood out on-shelf.

Following its introduction, New Seasons Market saw double-digit sales growth, suggesting consumers approved of the packaging format change. It was also honored with several packaging awards, including prestigious AmeriStar and WorldStar Awards.

Your journey towards a future with sustainable, recyclable paperboard packaging made from renewable raw materials starts here.