ClipCombo MachineryA highly innovative machinery approach to beverage packaging, ClipCombo offers beverage makers the ability to run multiple fiber-based multipack styles across the same machine. Delivering real value and flexibility to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs, machine options are available for either cans or PET bottles, offering multiple combinations for each. 

A proven technology concept, ClipCombo runs at high speeds, no matter the style of pack being run, with easy, quick, tool-free changeovers. 


ClipCombo for Cans

Combines premium and standard clip-style multipacks for cans in one flexible machinery solution.

Combines KeelClip™ with EnviroClip™, or GripClip™ with EnviroClip™ for the ultimate sustainable packaging solution for can multipacks.

ClipCombo for Cans

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ClipCombo for Bottles

Combines premium and standard clip-style multipacks for PET bottles in one flexible machinery solution.

Combines Cap-It™ and EnviroClip™ packs for PET bottles with round or square necks.

ClipCombo for Bottles

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  • Broadens the range of options for beverage makers seeking sustainable, recyclable multipack packaging, eliminating the need for plastic
  • Packs are made from plant-based fiber
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Operational Efficiency
  • Runs both premium and standard pack styles with a single machine
  • Reduces need for space and labor
  • High speeds of up to 400 packs per minute (dependent on application and configuration)
  • Fast, easy no-tool changeovers
  • Apply premium and standard multipack styles using one machine
  • Offers an effective way of differentiating brands or ranges
  • Choose the machinery solution for PET bottles or for cans
  • Ultimate machine flexibility combined with your choice of tried, tested and trusted packaging