The FlexPlace™ machine offers a broad range of placement options for picking and placing a variety of stackable items into a continuous-motion production line without a stopped target for accurate placement. It includes the functionality to speed match, tip, collate items or provide an extended run time in one machine. 


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FlexPlace Benefits

Speed Matching
  • Maintains continuous motion of existing target product 
  • Allows higher speeds than indexing motion 
  • No need to stop the target for the placement of product 
Business and Industry
  • Provides the ability to automate tipping applications 
  • Ability to pick, then place while matching speed with the target product 
  • Matching speed enables increased placement accuracy 
  • Ability to pick different products on-demand based on the flow of incoming product 
  • Ideal for mixing and matching of products for a variety of pack type applications 
Run Time
  • Ability to have multiple lanes with the same product to provide extended run times without operator intervention 
  • Allows operators time to tend to other areas of the packaging line 
  • Longer supply of product in a smaller footprint 

See FlexPlace in Action

Providing a continuous-motion placement with an indexing machine for collation, speed match, or extended run times. 

FlexPlace Specifications

  • Up to 50 cycles per minute per lane, dependent on product characteristics 
Product Configuration
  • Multiple magazine lanes to provide higher output. 
  • Magazine lanes perpendicular to flow or in-line with flow 
Machine Models
Machine Models
  • 24”, 36” and 48” width models 
  • Custom widths available 
Electrical and Air Requirements
Electrical and Air Requirements
  • Control voltage: 24 VDC 
  • Supply voltage options:
    • 230 VAC, single phase 
    • 230 VAC, three phase  
    • 480 VAC, three phase
  • 80 psi clean/dry air (equivalent to class 3 or better). CFM is dependent on the vacuum system supplied. 

FlexPlace Features

Standard Features
  • Servo-drive controls 
  • Transversing vacuum stems to match the speed of the target product 
  • Inclined product magazine with multiple lanes 
  • Floor-mounted stand with casters for mobility and adjustable foot pads 
  • PLC controlled – Allen Bradley 
  • Touch screen operator interface 
  • Interface with existing production line 
Optional Features
  • Quick-change magazine assembly and stem tooling for quick, repeatable changeovers. 
  • Multi-lane options 
  • Pneumatic product escapements depending on product characteristics 
  • Signal options: photo eye, batch counter, fixed cycle rate signal, timer to signal, encoder, or customer to signal 
  • Low magazine or missed item signal options