KeelClip™ is a paper fastener that not only replaces plastic rings, tops and shrink wrap, but offers merchandising benefits that other similar beverage packaging can’t. It’s our latest innovation in recyclable paperboard packaging – a minimal material solution made of recyclable paper.

KeelClip™ is packaging technology for today – ready for application at speed and scale. Its a high-tech, automated design capable of running at the high speeds and efficiency demanded by global beverage companies, all thanks to our KeelClip™1600 machinery system.


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  • The Keel

    The center keel secures product for dependable delivery and consistent display.

  • Product Orientation

    During application, containers can be precisely oriented for maximum shelf appeal.

  • Pack Options

    KeelClip™ works on a wide range of can styles and sizes in multiple product configurations.

  • Branding

    KeelClip™ can show off your high-quality graphics and branding.

  • Protection

    KeelClip™ completely covers the top of the product, keeping can tops clean.


KeelClip™ Benefits

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Operational Efficiency
  • Arrives as flat blank, providing greater operational efficiencies
  • High speed and efficient machinery available
  • Potential for multiple can diameters
Consumer Experience
  • Finger holes make the product easy to carry and transport
  • Cans are well protected but can be easily removed once ready to consume
  • Orientation of the cans achieves impactful branding at the shelf
  • Packaging solution made from renewable resources
  • Easy to recycle after use
  • Significantly less board than most other carton options

KeelClip™1600 Machinery System

Based on the highly efficient product pitched Marksman™1600 product line, the KeelClip™1600 is a high-speed system designed for our KeelClip™ paperboard fasteners.


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